Feb 03

Adsense Gold Many People Ignore

goldbarsWhenever possible, I prefer to sell banner spots on my websites, charging a flat fee per month, or sell the spot on a per impression or per click basis. I spend a lot of time, and put in a lot of effort to generate traffic to my sites to improve the value of my online real estate for just this reason. However, it isn’t always possible to avoid vacancies.

You may find this an odd thing for someone as devoted to affiliate marketing as I am to do, but I don’t find banners to be the best tool for marketing affiliate programs. When I find a promising affiliate program, or even a single product or service offered by an affiliate marketer, I’ll invest the time to find prime keyword domains to create a purpose built website to use for marketing.

I probably should make it clear too that I use banners to monetize a blog or website, but never an eCommerce website. Plus I never display banners on a squeeze page. It would be counter productive to promote a website that competes with the website or specific product or service I’m trying to sell.

Anyway, whenever I have an unspoken for banner spot that I would sell, I fill it with a Google Adsense banner. I’ve been doing so for as long as I can remember, and that was pretty much the extent of my Adsense campaigns… until recently.

Quite by accident I discovered Google Adsense Search. I was using a blog template I liked but I did not want the site search option enabled. Unfortunately, the search function was not a widget as it is with many WordPress templates. Instead it was hard coded into the header. Simply removing the code messed up the header and I didn’t want to get into coding the php to make everything fall into place. As a quick fix I replaced the removed site search with my own search field, courtesy of Google Adsense.

Well, the result was that I’m now busy adding Google Adsense Search to every blog and website I have. Let me put the income potential into perspective… The fact I’d not taken advantage of this vein of easy to mine gold before makes my stomach churn just thinking about the money I miss out on.

If you monetize using Adsense and haven’t already started using this license to print money, do so now. All you have to do is log in, then click on ‘My Ads’, then click on ‘Search’ and follow the easy, step by step process to create your own Google search page that blends in with your website perfectly. An example of the end product is this search through my travel website for keyword cheap vacationsor this search through my blogging help site searching make money online. As you’ll see, the transition from you blog or website and back again is so subtle your visitors may not even know they left and returned.

As always, if you need help, have questions, or just want to rant… use the comment area below.


  1. sc4ever

    How do you replace the search with Google search? Do you modify the .php file?

    By the way, do you earn when user clicks the [search] button or clicks on any of the search results?


    1. Len

      Thanks for commenting, and good questions. There is no need to modify the .php if you have a place you can embed the code you create through your Adsense account. However, in the case of templates that have an existing search field you want to replace with the Adsense code it may be necessary to modify the .php. In the specific case we’re talking about here, I had to do just that. Other websites like chewtoysfordogs.com I just embedded the search into the HTML. You can also place it into a blank HTML page, size the page dimensions to fit where you want it to go in your web page and then use an iframe to embed it.

      As for how you are paid, it’s like any Google Adsense ad. You get paid when someone clicks on a paying link, the highlighted ones at the top of the search results, and those to the upper part of the right sidebar.

      There are huge added bonus to going with the search ads. First, instead of the maximum 3 Adsense banner ads per page, the search field is not counted as an ad. So in effect you can have 4 Google Adsense ads on a single page.

      A further plus is that, depending on the topic searched for, there can be anywhere from a couple to 10 paying links on the search result page. And based on my own experience, if someone having done a search clicks on multiple paying links, each click through pays.

      It really is gold that for the longest time I ignored and really regret all the money I have lost out on.

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