Dec 12

Entrepreneurs Will Want To Check This Out!

This is one of those business opportunities entrepreneurs dream of. It’s not some MLM scheme that any regular readers of my blog would know I would not recommend if my life depended upon it.

This is an opportunity for 50 US entrepreneurs to be the exclusive licensee of a software program that creates a web based and/or real world business with huge income potential, and best it’s entirely turnkey. There are no minimum sales targets to hit, no sales kits, motivational tapes, tutorials or promotional material to buy either. All you need is this software license that you, and only you, have that allows you to be up and running in days with your entire state as your exclusive market area.

I think the best way to explain what the deal is would be to simply paste the introduction here and let interested parties contact the people making the offer directly…

This is a very serious offer, with a very serious time limitation I recommend no one miss.

An exclusive license is available to one individual or business in each of the 50 USA states, as well as Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and US Virgin Islands. Later the same offer will be made in other English speaking countries, and likewise, a single license issued to someone in each province, territory or state.

The license purchase includes a turnkey website built and hosted using the licensee’s own domain. Included is a proprietary payment processing script, as well as it’s installation and set up using the licensee’s choice of credit card payment processor, merchant account, or third party payment processor. In the event the licensee does not have a preference of payment processor, one will be enabled at no added cost. The 3rd party payment processor that worked with the programmers to set up the shopping cart and payment processing script, and therefore the one recommended is ECSuite.com.

Also included is an affiliate program, email marketing management program, discount coupon generator, and a ton of other features.

It took 2 years to develop this program, which was developed by a company only interested in the Canadian market. To get a return on the investment of development costs, one exclusive license will be sold to an individual or business in each province, territory or state in other English speaking counties, starting with the USA.

THE COST IS UNBELIEVABLY CHEAP… Each exclusive state/province/territory license costs the equivalent of one US cent, $0.01. That’s right, a single US penny per person who is officially residing in the license area.

CHEAP AS IT IS… IT’S MADE EVEN MORE AFFORDABLE… Financing is available to qualified license purchasers for up to 60 months.

Because of the limitation of a single license being made available, interested parties should initiate contact as soon as possible. Visit canlookup.com/pages/license for more detailed information and contact method.



  1. Mark Ualls - FreeShippingAndDelivery.com

    I have a question. So I can get a license for this program and it will be for an entire state, that I get. And I get too that the site will be set up for me as a turnkey, online business. Am I then able to resell it, or maybe sell off individual counties or cities? I live in a big state.

    1. Len

      Mark, thanks for commenting.

      Yours was a good question so I passed it along. The answer is yes. There is actually the ability to set up affiliates to market the advertising, and to regionally segment them by postal/zip codes. It seems the software was originally being developed to merge both a paper phone directory and an online versions, and the territorial breakdown was needed for the phonebook salespeople who call on businesses. It is applicable for use in online sales too I was told.

      I was asked to pass on that how you run your business, as a licensee, is your business. So whatever you want to do is your call. CanLookUp.com focuses on the continued development of their software and it’s maintenance to help licensees run their businesses more effectively. The day to day operation is up to the licensee, as are all executive decisions.

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